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A brief introduction about myself. I am Dr.Balwinder Aggarwal from India, Bourn in the root of “HIMALYA”. The city of "MAHARAJA BUSHAHR" protected by the grace of all mighty an ancient "SHAKTI PEETH" of prashakti "MAA BHIMA KALI" in east.2.satyugi sanatan place of prashakti "SHRIKHAND" mahadev in "NORTH ".3.an ultimate worship place formed by "PANDAV" and worshiped by "MAHARISHI NARAD JI" called as "PRASHAKTI SHRAI KOTI" in the south.4.the owner of the universe "PRASHAKTI AMBICA MAYIA" situated in vill.nirmand formerly known as "CHHOTI KASHI" in the west of my birth place. I feel the "GRACE" of this power”s every whare ,any time.
I welcome you to the fascinating world of Astrology. From time immemorial man has turned heavenwards seeking answers and guidance in their lives! Dating back to the origins of one of the oldest religions of the World; Hinduism; from which Astrology has its roots. This caught my interest at an early age, as did casting of horoscopes and predictions based on it. Having started doing it as a hobby, I of realized I had an uncanny "knack" for accuracy. I worked and studied it, preparing hand calculated charts(computers were not available to me back then) till I reached a stage where I became what can be considered as a Master in this field of science.and i foremed an On-Line Astrological Institute Indian Institute Of Astrology and start an virtual university www.indianinstituteofastrology.com 


Profile of Vedic Maharishi (Dr.) Balwinder Aggarwal ji

Vedic Maharishi Dr. Balwinder Aggarwal ji is a Spiritual personality , Astrologer and Vastu expert of national and international repute. Hailing from a very high cultured family rich in traditional values and spirituality ,Maharishi ji has been influenced by the rich religious & cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh.

A firm believer and advocate of “ DHARMO RAKSHEY RAKSHITA ( Shree Bhagwad Geeta Ji )  ”, Maharishi ji is famous among us for his Spiritual knowledge & belief, Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shatra. With more than 25 years of expertise, he has been recognized for his Vastu  Consultancy , Cure & Remedies in Indian and Abroad. His Vastu Consultancy is simple , unparallel and 100% result oriented.

Besides, organizing  number of astrological conferences and workshops ,He Chaired the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGY & SPIRITUAL SCIENCES which was held in SRILANKA in 2009.

He is also a writer of many world famous books on Spirituality and Astrology. The book-  “ The Concept of Spiritual Sciences  ” is his latest work on Spirituality which deals with Vedic way of leading a Spiritual life for the  attainment of  Moksha.

His another Book ,” Panch Dev Pujan “ is book on performing daily karma in the most simple manner , which has a total base and support of Shree Bhagwad Geeta ji and Upanishad’s.

His every action, statement and teachings are always well supported by the Vedas .

Maharishi ji has its own style of predicting Horoscope which is purely Vedic. He has an expertise in Spiritualism, Meditation , Panch Karma and Chakra Activation Therapy, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology ( especially Pitri Pujan and dosh shanti ), Kaalsarpa dosh shanti, Medical Astrology, Career Astrology etc.

Maharishi ji is a strong believer and follower of SHREE DURGA SAPTSHATI JI and is mostly influenced by it, Shree Bhagwad Geeta ji, ” Holy Book  of Karma-Sanyass yog  for the Universe “ and Shree Ramayan ji  “ Bhakti Mahasagar ” .  

He has been most influenced by the teaching of Saint like Swami Ram Sukh Dass ji , and Shri Jai Dyal Goenka ji…  

He is also an founder of Indian Institute of Astrology , Haridwar – A Virtual University of Vedic Astrology & Spiritalism - which was started  in 2006 by the Grace of  MA GANGA.

 His “ Remedial Consultant, Chandigarh  ” and “ Prashakti Kripa Kendra, Shimla  “ are also serving for the noble cause  on the parallel  lines.

He is one of the living example of Vedic Sanskriti & Spirituality. Maharishi is very famous among his loved one’s as Spiritual Guru.

                                                               Hariomtatsat !!

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